The LRC has had a significant impact on the development of academic logistics in the UK and Europe. It has influenced UK government policy and provided a wide range of companies with practical advice on the management of their logistics.

The Centre pioneered the development of key performance indicators (KPIs) for UK freight transport, which now forms a core element of the government’s ‘sustainable distribution’ strategy. 

Green Logistics

As a key contributor to this programme, the LRC is responsible for studies of business-as-usual trends, carbon auditing of supply chains, the links between ecommerce, logistics and the environment, and opportunities for the rescheduling of logistical activities to minimise their environmental and congestion impacts. Find out more here

Contributing to a cleaner future

Working with the Freight Transport Association, the LRC has directly supported the development of the UK's 'Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme' which is working to reduce the carbon output of the logistics sector and create a future, transport-related, carbon reduction policy for the UK and beyond. Find out more here

Informing decision making

Our research directly impacts on government policy, informing and shaping decision making. Recent research on low carbon logistics informed UK Government policy on the environmental impact of freight transport, leading to the alteration of the official method used by the UK to carbon audit road freight transport operations, and the establishment of the first industry and government endorsed target for cutting the carbon intensity of road freight transport. Our work on the maximum size and weight of lorries, influenced the Government's decision on what categories of longer and heavier vehicles should be allowed on the UK's roads and assisted its opposition of an EU proposal to limit trailer heights. Find out more here

Developing a sustainable road freight industry

Our expertise in the operational, managerial and policy aspects of road transport is making an impact on sustainability issues. The creation of an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable road freight industry is being addressed via a new initiative - the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight Transport - which brings together LRC's extensive knowledge with engineering experts from the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge. The new Centre will work in partnership with industry which will trial the technical and operational innovations emerging from the research. Find out more here.

Improved competitive advantage through faster delivery of material

Our Knowledge Transfer Project (CALM) with Caledonian Aerotech, known as Caledonian Alloys (CA), enabled CA to deliver material on time and provide real-time information on the progress of shipments. This led to existing customers purchasing a greater proportion of their material requirements from CA over its competitors. Rolls Royce in the UK and Allvac in US awarded new, long term processing contracts to CA in 2009, worth $4m annually, in which the CALM capability had a major influence.