About LRC

Our Logistics Research Centre (LRC) was set up in 1997 to explore the many aspects of logistics for commercial, government and other sectors. Our work provides government, industry, commercial and other sectors with insight into logistical trends, transport benchmarking and road use throughout the UK and Europe. Much of our research output is transformed into practical management guides, tools and techniques.

Heriot-Watt University has been engaged in logistics research and teaching for over 25 years, and our leadership in the subject led to the creation of the LRC.

Organisations we support

The Centre undertakes projects for a wide variety of public and private sector organisations, both in the UK and internationally, and we provide consultancy to numerous organisations including:

  • the European Commission,
  • UK Government departments and agencies,
  • research councils,
  • trade associations,
  • local authorities, and
  • private companies.

Our expertise and activity

Our research provides insight into issues such as freight movement, climate change, integrated transport, supply chain efficiency and key performance indicators. It covers a diverse range of areas including:

  • the relationships between logistics / supply chain trends and freight transport
  • environmental sustainability of logistics operations
  • low carbon logistics
  • modelling including agent based modelling, network design, simulation etc
  • performance measurement, benchmarking and data collection in logistics
  • freight transport policy
  • purchasing and supply management
  • shipping and port development
  • effects of IT and e-commerce on logistics
  • impact of infrastructure development and traffic congestion on logistics
  • logistical and supply chain adaptation to climate change risk