How it worked

Our 12 week trial has now ended

Using our network of local shops, we offered communities in the Greater Glasgow area a free drop off service to return old and unwanted small electrical equipment (WEEE) for reuse and recycling. The service was available from 6th Nov 2017 to 28th Jan 2018 and has now ended. If you have unwanted WEEE items, please use the Recycle Now Recycling Locator to find alternative electrical recycling points.

How it worked:

1. Bring your unwanted small electrical item to a local drop off point

2. We will give you a short form to fill in

3. Bag the item and leave it with us. That’s it!  

You can use the unique ID number given to you when you dropped off your item to find out how your item was reused or recycled.

What happened next?

WEEE item were picked up from your local shop and delivered to our recycling partners, CCL North, for reuse or recycling.  CCL North’s aim is to always re-use and recycle, and never send anything to landfill. They achieved a refurbishment capability of 40% in 2016 and hope to increase this even more with your help.

Stay up to date

Follow us on Facebook @weeerecycling for regular updates on how much we have collected, reused and recycled. Please note: We're currently experiencing problems with our Facebook page which we're working to resolve. In the meantime, if you need to contact us please drop us an email 

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